About Us


Kamiini is a provider of complementary IT Services such as resell and support of original Microsoft Software and Microsoft Online Services, custom application development technology solutions and professional staffing services. Our leadership team has over 60 years of combined industry experience. Our customers are organizations like yours who need our services to enable them to focus on their core business. Our services create synergy between Human Resources, Information Technology and your core business functions that is guaranteed to reduce costs, improve performance and increase revenue.


The founders of Kamiini were on a phone call one Monday evening on their way home from work. After a long conversation that was full of whining about the enormous demands of their corporate jobs, they came to the realization that like themselves, many of their colleagues have increased their financial resources, but barely have time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The founders promised to change this situation for companies, employees and themselves. This conversation was the catalyst that led them to the vision of forging an organization whose services create time and financial freedom for its customers and employees. In recent years, the average worker has not received any increase in pay except to adjust for inflation. Kamiini's services will empower corporations to provide their employees with time and a measure of financial freedom regardless of their job responsibility. By providing its customers with high caliber, consultants and professional staff, Kamiini will assist corporations to: ensure that their employees maintain a healthy work/life balance, promote increased employee morale and higher productivity and continue day-to-day operations without degradation in service.

Our Brand

The logo of Kamiini depicts a pixilated and orange color butterfly with two dark eyes. The butterfly in Kamiini's logo is a universally recognized symbol that is also widely seen as representing transformation and environmental responsibility. The use of the two-letter eyes of the butterfly represents idea and innovation. The designer's use of the color black for the two eyes in the wings of the butterfly balances against the bright contrast of the dominant orange, offering high energy visual stimulation for the viewer.


To be our customer's preferred vendor for consulting and professional staffing in technology, engineering, healthcare and communication services in every region in the world.


Searching for experienced and dedicated consultants or professionals to staff temporary projects can be time consuming and costly. Kamiini's network of consultants and career professionals come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds and boast global expertise. This network of unique individuals makes our capabilities and resources unmatched by our competitors. This uniqueness is embedded in all of our internal and external processes and interfaces and allows us to provide our customers with delightful services.