Client Testimonials Details

Doug Wilson – Barber Shop:

"Kamiini Beauty System paid for itself after the first customer booked their appointment online. It also allows us to create a database of all customers. I highly recommend Kamiini Beauty System for any business, big or small."

Patricia Beson – Beauty Salon:

"Kamiini Beauty System has been a great asset to the growth of our company. Clients love being able to schedule their appointments and pay in advance online. Also, the end of day sale reports and inventory feature is awesome."

Dr. Emmanuel Keson – Quality Health Care:

"The software is intuitive and user-friendly, which has made implementation and training quite efficient. The cost is also very reasonable compared to similar systems we have researched."

Angella Barton – Nails Salon:

"My clients have been very impressed with the service, telling me that I'm "on the cutting edge" and it gives my company a more professional image. The cost of the service is about the value of one appointment per month."