Our Values


Our network of consultants and employees is our most important resource. As the direct interface with our customers, their professionalism and work ethic delight the customer and keep us in business. Our recruiting process is very rigorous and we attract only the best talent with the professional experience and business acumen that our customers deserve. We believe that Kamiini has created an environment for our consultants and employees where teamwork, mutual respect, proper communication, professional development and diversity is respected and celebrated.

Business Practices (Ethics)

We perform our daily business with the highest ethical and we comply with all environmental standards or laws. We care about the natural environment and we have a zero tolerance for ethics and/or environment violation.


We believe that quality is paramount and strive to deploy solutions with zero quality defects. Our internal quality control processes are followed for every project and quality assurance is a major phase that is integrated with the customer's systems and requires approval of final deliverables before implementation.

Customer Service

Our slogan ― Your delight. Our commitment. says it all. Kamiini was founded with the customer in mind. We are committed to providing our customers with superior services and resources that generate financial benefits and free them up to focus on their core business. Kamiini is committed to freeing up our clients' time and resources by providing solutions to their temporary and long term assignments so that they can focus on the value-added activities required to maintain and grow their client base. We want our customers to leave their non core projects/initiatives to us so they can do what they do best - run their business.


Our talented network of consultants and professional staff continuously generate new ideas and introduce cutting-edge research and technologies that are applied real-time on customer assignments.


Our current and potential customers evaluate us based on our performance, our ability to deliver on promise (client imposed performance standards, schedule and cost) and our viability as a company. We are committed to high performance and ongoing growth and improvement to maintain our leadership position in the global economy.