Electronic Gift Cards

Electronic gift cards increase revenue and attract new customers. They also reduce the fraud and labor associated with paper gift certificates. Our program allows you to select the card design and processing features tailored to your business needs.

Retains 100% of Purchased Value

•Unlike paper certificates, value is retained for partially used cards.
•Deduct the sales price from the card and the remaining balance can be used later.
•Remaining balances bring return visits and ensure that the entire value will be spent at your business.

Integrates Seamlessly into Your Business Environment

•Works on all of Elavon's supported payment terminals and software solutions.
•Administration is as easy as regular credit card purchases.
•Monitor transaction details and card balances online.

Gifts come in all sizes and so do our solutions:

Basic Cards

Get started immediately with 100 cards printed with your business name, street address and phone number on a pre-selected style.

Standard Cards

Choose from an attractive selection of pre-designed styles, add a single color logo or customized text, and select a font style. Order 200 to 1,000 cards and your customers will be gifting in no time.

Custom Cards

Invest in style with custom cards designed by you or with our help. Your custom solution becomes a portable billboard in customers' wallets. Information can be requested from our local merchant sales representative or contact us at: contactus@kamiini.com